Custom Mining Conveyors

- Designed specifically for your needs

- Manufactured with cutting-edge technology

- 24/7 delivery & quick turnaround means less downtime for you


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All conveyor products are manufactured onsite by certified engineers, using cutting edge technology.

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"I have had excellent success with everything I have purchased from West River. The service is great! I have called after hours and received the same top-notch service. The pulleys that I bought have been top-quality and are doing very well. I recently had some alignment work done on our slope belt, with the same high-quality workmanship. I would recommend West River to anyone needing gearboxes, pulleys, alignment, or other conveyor components."   - Steve B.

"From the beginning, we wanted to standardize our conveyor equipment. We knew we wanted to minimize the number of spare parts and pulleys. This has been the only time in my career I've been able to accomplish this task. The good relationship that we've developed with West River is attributed to the genuinely good people that run the company. In my experience, many vendors are primarily interested in maximizing their profit margin but I truly believe the team at West River has the best interest of the customer at heart." - Brad R.

"West River's conveyor systems have given us a great level of reliability. In the years that we have been using them as our supplier, we have not had a single breakdown, no quality issues, and no under-design problems. West River's dedication to excellence in customer service is exceptional. All phone calls and emails are replied to in a timely manner and deadlines are always met even when they may seem unachievable." - Coley B.

Custom Mining Conveyors

- Designed specifically for your needs

- Manufactured with cutting-edge technology

- 24/7 delivery & quick turnaround means less downtime for you

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Custom Engineered Conveyor Packages Include:

Conveyor Drive

Our drives are constructed from carefully selected, industry-leading materials. They provide a strong an rigid frame that doesn't distort during installation or use.

Take-Up Unit

Take-Up units are often used to maintain stable belt tension and prevent excessive belt sag. Our heavy-duty, rigid frames can withstand the most rugged applications.

Tail Section

Tail sections are an essential piece of any conveyor system. West river's custom-built tail sections are available in a variety of heights and belt widths.

Belt Starter

Because it takes a large amount of power to start a loaded belt, starters are imperative in any conveyor system. We offer VFD, Across-the-Line, and Soft Start Starters.


We provide a full range of engineered underground conveyor structures to meet your needs. Our rigid rail, wire rope, and catenary structure come in CEMA B, C, D, E, and E+. 

Remote Discharge

Our remote discharges are designed to seamlessly transfer materials from one conveyor belt to another. The steel designs can accommodate many customized options.

Belt Storage Unit

Storage units are hydraulic powered, work with constant tension winches, and are available in multiple storage capacities. We offer everything from a belt splicing table to a basic storage design.

Transfer Chute

At West River, our transfer chute designs range from simple containers to more complex systems. Ceramic, stainless steel, and abrasion- resistant options.

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